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I should not enter all the things

Today & tomorrow, I'm showing in Albany, and in an amazing feat of stupid, I entered all the things. Agility for all, breed ring for Mercy, obedience for Pirate. They got me on the scheduling for today. Mercy's breed ring was at 10:15, her Novice JWW run was about 10:20, Excellent standard started about 10:30 (small to tall, so I needed to make the first walk through for Tess), Pirate's obedience at 10:40.

I handled it mostly by getting a friend to handle Mercy in breed, so I could walk courses (and no need for me to change clothes). I was actually successful, in that I got to show all the things! And, Mercy got a point!

There were only 3 class bitches showing, and I thought Mercy's odds of winning were actually decent. (she's really a nice typey bitch, and naturally broad enough for show judges to like. And she's now mostly developed.) That's why I wanted to prioritize that ring, but it was also the ring easiest to hand a dog off for. Mercy doesn't care, she'll show for whoever has the food.

Then she came back and ran Novice JWW at the end of the class, which went pretty much like it does. She visited, she came back and took some jumps. I didn't try the weaves, I didn't have focus as it was. She won't be in the ring again for awhile.

Next I took Pirate for his Beginners Novice obedience run. I really had hoped for a Q and the title, but he was pretty hyped up. I was proud of him for managing to heel, since it's the first thing, and he was being wild. (I think he's learning the ring procedure a bit). And his figure-8 was much better than last time. I made use of the fact that you can use a word of encouragement in Beginners Novice to tell him "good!" after the first loop in the figure 8, because he was staying nicely in position. What he could not do is stay. Stood up for the sit-for-exam, stood up and started towards me on the walk around the ring. Not ideal, but I'll give it another try tomorrow and see if he does better when he's not already anguished about his sister getting all the turns.

Excellent courses were really fun ones! This is standard:

Tess, honestly I was winded from dashing from building to building, and couldn't give her enough forward momentum. She did make me laugh, she didn't get enough push to do the A-frame, and was standing right in front of it, so I passed it, and tried to send her to the tire by throwing up a hand and saying "go!" So she went past the tire, looked around, and clearly was confused that there was nothing to go to. My bad.

Pirate had a beautiful run, just so pretty. Nailed his weave entry on a verbal, with me probably 15 ft away, hanging back so I didn't push him out. But at the end, I was afraid to call him over the double, so I pulled a bit and waited for him to land, and by that time he'd decided on the panel. Now I wonder if I could have gotten a FC in on the landing side of the double. Oh well.


My one Q was Tess on this course. (I felt like I had so much time to get places, but she ran it at 4.5 yps, which I think is plenty quick at her age) A couple of spots I could have handled smoother. I tried some different stuff with Pirate, and didn't get it. Tried a FC between 15 & 16, with me executing the FC before he'd actually taken 15, and he didn't get that I wanted him to carry on over it, so I got a refusal there.

Fun courses, with some options!


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May. 11th, 2017 11:57 am (UTC)

Can I ask which kennels in Australia you got Mercy from?
May. 11th, 2017 04:07 pm (UTC)
Mercy is from Tramac.
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